Silmo & Cannes 2016

During these shows, B+D has introduced two of its latest developments: Blue Ban Readers and B+D Digital. Both products reduce the transmittance of the harmful blue light from digital devices and each is presented in six colorful combinations.

They also reduce the symptoms of excessive use of digital devices such as: eye strain, redness, irritation or dry eyes, blurred vision, general fatigue and headaches.

These two new products were conceived following the trend in which customers are more concerned about their eye health. Their launching has been very successful due to the Silmo’s main topic was the Blue Light and how to reduce its harmfulness .

B+D Digital provides an on trend design that brings fashion and eye care together using high quality PC lenses with a special protective coating that also provides UV 400 protection.

This products without magnification, is suitable for all ages specially conceived for millennials; an age group that pays particular attention to both looking good and taking care of their wellbeing.

B+D Blue Ban Readers reduce the transmittance of blue light emitted by digital devices and it’s presented in 5 different pre-graduated powers: +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, and 3.00. It also has 100% UV 400 Protection and provides a modern look.

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